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Online gatha aims at building a single platform where every author receives the required services and commodities for his or her success or flourishment. With this, there rises a need of profusely trained and tested professionals who can cater to our various requirements. With this aim, we are opening new section of career opportunities at online gatha. We would be needing people with graphic designing abilities, photographers, proof readers, template designers, artists, editors, data enterers etc.

You can choose to work directly with online gatha and associate with us permanently by contacting us, or could work as freelancers and part time at our websites. You will just have to join our website as a photographer/ graphic designer/ or artist and upload your works online. Simply assign a desirable price to your work, and as soon as a writer buys something from you, you will be notified in your gatha panel. Try to upload maximum possible work and be regular on our website so as to track your income and your popularity. Please provide a valid mobile number; for we may sometimes have an urgent need of making a call to you if there is an immediate requirement. Please make it a point to upload only original works, for if found guilty of copyright infringement later, you may be sued as per the laws, as well as all your income and pending payments would be cancelled on grounds of cheating.

Even if you have no interest in writing, online gatha invites you to this community to lend a helping hand in editing, proof reading, writing consultancy, photography, graphic designers, data enterers and even as lame readers for reviewing. Plus, GET PAID, for every service you render to us and the fellow members. Join your hands with us, and we will help you grip the entire globe within a few days.

Currently we have the openings for following professionals-

Online gatha is a division of CompAddicts infotech Pvt. Ltd. Established in the month of January 2014, the site is a step into the online literary world.It works by connecting the hardcopy creations to the online world.Will provide platform to the newcomers to publish their creations and also utilize the existing resources for their further evolution. We can also add a feather to the hat of established writers by adding to their business and their income simultaneously. Now forget about the fussy laws and printing-publishing issues-for we are here, working day and night to make your dream come true.

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Register at our website with the desired designation, or mail us your resume or photographs and artistic pieces at .

We will soon get back to you at the time of requirement. If you decide to send photograph, template, or artistic work, then make it sure to send two copies of each, in high resolution.

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