Refund And Cancellation

Online Gatha Refund And Cancellation

The Refund Cancellation Policy has to be followed by every user using policy highlights following points:

Online Gatha will refund every single amount if its under the refunding policy as per the company's policy.

There are plenty of services from which user on the website can opt out to pay for:

Refund Policy in relation to the above service mentioned in point 2(f):

Purchasing Books:

(i)In Case you have received a wrong book (which will happen next to infinte). You will have to drop an email at our email id : The Amount will be refunded in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Non-Refund Policy in the above mentioned services in point 2(a,b,c,d,e,g):

We will not be refunding any amount to your account once the payment is made ,we accept payments online in these mentioned services and you will be responsible for the irritating conditions for yourself , not onlinegatha.

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06 Dec

Mr. Tandon is a old head on young shoulders.

1. अपनी पुस्तक के विषय में संक्षिप्त में बताएं। यदि आप धर्म की रक्षा करोगे तो धर्म आपकी रक्षा करेगा। 2. इस विषय को आपने क्यों चुना और लिखने की प्रेरणा कहां से मिली? हमेशा से ये लगा क कोई भी नेता हिंदुओं... Read more

06 Dec

देने की खुशी, पाने की खुशी से बहुत उत्कृष्ट होती है और यही मेरे जीवन का सिद्धांत है

1. अपनी पुस्तक के विषय में संक्षिप्त में बताएं। मेरी पहली प्रकाशित पुस्तक “ दशा और दिशा” ( अप्रैल 2016 ISBN : 978-93-85818-63-8) कविता और कहानियों का समावेश है। इस पर पाठकों का बहुत स्नेह... Read more

07 Dec

You can never take anything for granted in this uncertain life to last forever.

1. Please provide a brief overview of your book. Abhimanyu, or Abhi, as friends preferred calling him was a young energetic boy, blessed with a sharp mind, stout physique and a pleasing... Read more