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OnlineGatha has a special section for the books of the little kids. We even take children book like story book, course book, drawing book etc. Reading makes the mind sharp and intelligent and by publishing and selling children book, our intention is that all the little champs get to read healthy content. Stories along with colourful images become more interesting.

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OnlineGatha is the fastest growing book publishing company in India. As a book publisher in India we have been trying to provide the best book publishing and print on demand services at affordable price to all the authors..





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Specifications Beginner( Rs. 27,133) Popular( Rs. 35,933) Enterprise( Rs. 64,533)
Book Specifications Complimentary Copies 5 Copies 10 Copies 15 Copies
Number of Pages Allowed 100 Pages Maximum 200 Pages Maximum 300 Pages Maximum
Content Allowed Text and Images Text and Images Text and Images
Paper Type Creamy/White(80 - 130 GSM) Creamy/White(80 - 130 GSM) Creamy/White(80 - 130 GSM)
Book Size 6*9/8*11 6*9/8*11 6*9/8*11
Lamination Gloss/Matte Gloss/Matte Gloss/Matte
Book Interior Full Coloured Full Coloured Full Coloured
Book Cover MultiColor 250 GSM MultiColor 250 GSM MultiColor 250 GSM
E-book Publishing Uploading of E-book in Pdf Format
Editing Services Copy Editing
Substantive Editing
Format Editing
Illustrations 8 Illustrations 15 Illustrations 25 Illustrations
Designing Services Cover Design Standard Premium Premium
Book Marketing Online Distributions internationally internationally internationally
Social Promotions
Social Media Likes 500 likes on facebook and twitter 1000 likes on facebook, twitter and linkedin 2000 likes on facebook, twitter,linkedin and youtube
Pre Book Social Launch Promotion
Digital Press Releases 1 PR 5 PR 7 PR
Bookmark 5 Posters 10 Posters 20 Posters
Reviews/Ratings 2 Reviews For Book 5 Reviews For Book 7 Reviews For Book
Author Interview
Author Website Self domain name and hosting for 1 year Onlinegatha domain name and hosting for 1 year
Brochure 5 sample chapter brochure 10 sample chapter brochure 15 sample chapter brochure
Visting Card 200 300 500
Add On's ISBN
Sample Proof's Print Proof's Print Proof's Print Proof's
Author Dashboard
Inventory Management
Author Royalty 70% 70% 70%
Author Copies Just at Production Cost Just at Production Cost Just at Production Cost
Sales/Royalty Report
Print On Demand
Non-Exclusive Contract
Support Services Publishing Support
Technical Support
Project Manager
Renewal Service Renewal cost per Year 10% (2713.30 INR) 10% (3593.30 INR) 10% (6453.30 INR)

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