Marketing Campaigns

Social Book Launch

Instead of gathering a crowd and giving away your book, your book is made available in the renowned hotels and cafes. This way more people get to know about the book and you get readers for real. Besides the book, posters, brochures and visiting cards of the book are also made available.

15000 INR + GST

Premium Retail Display

Your book is available in the retail stores. Also, the poster and brochures of the same are displayed in these stores to highlight your book in the eyes of the readers and spruce up the sale.

30000 INR + GST (majour metro cities covered)

Social Book Giveaway

A contest is planned for the book and the winner is awarded with a free book of yours. The royalty of books given away for free doesn’t add up to your account.

15000 INR + GST

Targeted Book Launch Combo

A book launch is planned with proper media coverage. E-mailers are sent to the target readers pitching the highlights of the book to create curiosity among the readers. A 30-60 secs teaser is also launched besides making the book available on different websites including Online Gatha’s bookstore.

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Amazon Pre-Order

Your book is made available on amazon for pre-order. Amazon is mostly used for buying and selling any product in India. Once the cover and interior of your book is designed by OnlineGatha, book is made available for pre-booking for 15days on with a discount up to 20%.

The book is listed on other sites (including Online Gatha’s bookstore) after the pre-order is over. During this session of pre-order, you may convince more reader to pre-order your book and after the book launch, book is delivered to all the readers who have bought it.

6000 INR + GST

Book Video Trailer

Book Video Trailer - Basic

A basic teaser of 30-60secs with the highlights of the book is made and shared over the leading video sharing sites.

15,000 INR / 225.03$ + GST

Book Video Trailer - Director's Cut

After reading the synopsis of the book, a teaser of up to 60 secs is created. This includes story boarding based on the synopsis of your book.

20,000 INR / 300.04$ + GST

Director's Cut with Voice Over

A video teaser of up to 60secs is created based on the synopsis of your book along with the voice narration that speaks about the story line of your book.

30,000 INR / 450.06$ + GST

Author Website

Basic Author Website

A static author’s website will be created of 5 pages on the author’s name. It will have the details and brief about you and your book. The content and the pictures need to be provided by the author. This will be a onetime process and any update required in future will be chargeable.

10000 INR + GST

Custom Author Website

A dynamic website will be created with the domain name of author. The content and pictures need to be provided by the author. The credential will be provided to the author in case he/she needs to change and amend anything in future, he/she is free to do so.

20000 INR + GST

Book PR & Events

Online Book PR

SEO benefit is provided to your book by drafting and availability of Press Release about your book over leading online news portals.

15000 INR + GST

Premium Book PR

A news about your book is made available in the leading newspapers. No matter how digital we have become, newspapers have a special important space. Few words about your book in the leading newspapers add up more to the sale of your book.

50000 INR + GST

Book Launch PR

Do you want to promote the event for your book? Let the world know about the event for your book beforehand with the Press Releases drafted by Online Gatha in the leading newspapers.

Book Launch Event Management

Online Gatha is one spot solution for all the problems of an author and a reader. We plan, manage and promote the book launch event of your book. From printing of banner, brochure, pamphlet to inviting a celebrity guest for inauguration to booking the venue and designing the invitation cards besides promoting the event, everything is managed by us.

Social Media

We will promote your book on below mentioned platform through our creatives and it will charge you 10500 INR + GST per month .We provide 4 creatives per week combining below 3 platforms :

Facebook Marketing

In today’s digital world, it is important to be in digital lime light.

Twitter Marketing

In today’s digital world, it is important to be in digital lime light.

Instagram Marketing

In today’s digital world, it is important to be in digital lime light.

Content Marketing

Blog Content Posting

Content with the story line of your book is posted to various blog or your blogging site in order to grab the attention of readers towards your book.

500 INR + GST / page (300 words)

Email Marketing

E-mailers are made describing the specification of your book to move the attention of readers towards your piece of writing.

1000 INR + GST (500 emails per day)

SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS are sent to the readers with the promotion and specification of your book to enhance the sale of your book.

15000 INR + GST (1 Lakh SMS)

Offline Sales

Print Marketing Kit

We promote your book offline through distribution of the brochures, posters and visiting cards alongside we hang the hoardings and banners to promote your book

Local Stores Distribtuions

Your book is made available on local bookstores so that the readers may buy them from there.


India Online Distribution

We help you with distribution of your book online throughout India. We make your book available with most of the online distributors in India so that it reaches more people and grab more attention of the target readers

2500 INR + GST

International Online Distribution

People buy when they get to know about things. Here, marketing plays an important role. In this digital era, we make your book available worldwide so that the readers, fans, relatives and fans outside India can have an easy access to your book besides sprucing up the sale of the book.

4500 INR + GST

Ingram Distribution

Ingram needs no introduction when it comes to the online distribution of the book. It is believed that if a book makes it to Ingram, it is worth reading. We make your book available on the portal which boosts the sale of the book and spruce up its sale.

8000 INR + GST

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